April 25, 2012

All students, here is your Question of the Day.

Computer Basics
Today’s word game is called Common Cents.
Our topic this week is email. Students will configure and customize their gmail accounts. Students will understand how to send attachments and consider limitations. Students will begin an Email Internet Scavenger Hunt.
Here are links for your Scavenger Hunt.
Question 1.
Question 2.
Questions 3 and 4.
Question 5.
All answers must be in complete sentences.

11th Grade IB Business Management
Students will analyze how businesses calculate their market share. Students will consider the differences between commercial marketing and social marketing using the costs and benefits of smoking as an example.
Homework: 1) Review for tomorrow’s Unit 4.1 quiz. 2) Summarize and opine your weekly NY Times article.

Introduction to Business
Start off today with the Chapter 27 Fill In The Blank Game.
Students will research and analyze Consumer Loan Rates.
Homework: Prepare for your Chapter 27 Quiz.

12th Grade IB Business Management
Students will work in collaborative groups to present HL sections of our textbook.
Homework: Summarize and opine your NY Times weekly article.

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